Halloween Gymnastics Workout 🎃👻

As Trick or Treating is out of bounds this years, why not have a 'ghoul' at our spooky gymnastics home work-out?

Warm up:

2 minutes spider runs! (Running on all fours)

50 x jump-out-of-your-skin jumping jacks!

30 seconds of hocus-pocus hopping on each leg!


10 x umpkin press-ups!

10 x Trick-or-Treat tricep dips!

2 x 10 second haunted handstand holds!

30 seconds of devilish dish rocks!

30 seconds of vampire V-sits!

30 seconds of creepy-crawlies crunches (dish to tuck position and repeat)!

30 seconds of squeaky squat jumps!

30 seconds of lunar lunge jumps (swapping legs each time)!

30 seconds of pumpkin 'pop' jumps (straight jumps on the spot in dish)!

Cool Down

1 minute right leg spirited split hold!

1 minute left leg spirited split hold!

1 minute bewitched box splits hold!

1 minute broomstick bridge hold!

We hope you enjoy this spook-tacular workout! Don't forget to post photos of you trying this workout and tag us on Facebook and Instagram!



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