About Us

Welcome to Stag Leotards!

My name is Tiegan and I am the founder of Stag Leotards. I am a gymnast who has competed at regional and national level. Passionate about anything to do with gymnastics, I follow all the competitions and love learning about all the elite gymnasts and analysing their routines and score! You could say I am a bit of a gym geek!

Being a gymnast myself, I have created these leotards by combining comfort with fresh and unique designs which I hope are just that little bit different from the rest. Every gymnast is different and likes different types of leotards and so I have created a range of styles so that there is something for even the most fussiest gymnast!

You will find me modelling the leotards on the website and don't forget to check out the Tiggy Leotard - guess who it's named after!

Check out our first leotards we released and our first photoshoot below!