Olympic Gymnastics Schedule and international gymnasts to look out for!

Olympic Gymnastics Schedule and international gymnasts to look out for!

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Pictured: Angelina Melnikova - Photo Credit: www.sportgymrus.ru

With the Olympics starting on Saturday, we thought we'd tell you a little bit about who we are looking forward to seeing, as well as sharing with you the gymnastics schedule for the Olympic Games!

Obviously we cannot wait to watch our amazing GB Team in action, but take a look at the list below for some other Women's Artistic Gymnasts to keep an eye on (oh, and Simone Biles is a given, so she's not on this list! 😜)

1. Angelina Melnikova - ROC (Russia)

Probably one of our favourite gymnasts ever. Strong and powerful vaults with excellent execution, graceful and flowing bars, difficult beam and an expressive floor with huge tumbles. She is a true all-arounder and this is shown by her long list of medals at a range of major championships. Melnikova always looks truly focused yet passionate about her gymnastics. When things go wrong, you know she will get right back up and carry on as if nothing ever happened.

2. Ellie Black - Canada

Calm yet powerful, composed yet expressive. Ellie is a consistent all-rounder, excelling on all events but has an exceptionally solid beam routine. You'll rarely see her without a smile on her face or cheering for her teammates. A delight to have on any team.

3. Mai Murakami - Japan

Competing in her home country, it would be wonderful to watch her win a medal. She is a strong all-rounder, with big tumbles on floor and two solid vaults, and like the previous gymnasts in this list, always looks calm and composed, yet you just know she is having fun!

4. Jade Carey - USA

Qualifying to the Olympics through the individual apparatus route on Vault, Jade is a powerhouse, yet not to be overlooked in the All-Around competition either, having improved massively on bars and beam, perhaps partly due to her teammate Riley McCusker (whos strongest events are the opposite of Jade's and vice versa). She debuted her triple twisting double layout at the US Championships podium training, so it would be a real treat if we got to see this in her floor routine at the Olympics!

5. Viktoriia Listunova - ROC (Russia)

Aged just 16 and only eligible for the Olympics due to the postponement in 2020, Viktoriia could be 2nd in the All Around, with only Simone ahead of her. She is incredible on all events with beautiful lines and flexibility in all of her skills. Keep a look out for her new floor routine because we LOVE the choreography in it!

6. Sunisa Lee - USA

A Bars Star! There's not many extra upstarts or swings in this routine! It's just move after move after move, all connected with ease and beautiful execution. Every handstand is hit and legs are glued together throughout. If she performs like she has done this year, then a bars medal is guaranteed!

7. Guilia Steingruber - Switzerland

Getting Gold on Vault at the 2021 European Championships in Basel, Guilia Steingruber is in the running, not just for vault finals, but a vault medal too. She will likely do the Chusovitina (handspring entry with 1.5 twists in the straight position) and a double twisting Yurchenko.

8. Guan Chenchen - China

Capable of HUGE mid-15s on beam, eyes will be on Guan Chenchen, when she takes to the balance beam, to see if she will clinch the Gold Medal in the Beam Event Finals. She also has a fun and unique floor routine, as well as a big full twisting double layout dismount off bars.

9. Eythora Thorsdottir - Netherlands

Eythora Thorsdottir is the epitome of 'Artistic' Gymnastics. With her thoughtful and expressive choreography, she almost 'floats' across the floor and tells a story to the audience as she does so. Consistently capable of high 13s and into the 14s on floor, Eythora may just sneak into the floor final.

10. Oksana Chusovitina - Uzbekistan

How could we leave Oksana off this list?! Coming in to her 8th Olympic Games at the age of 46, with 5 eponymous skills, Chusovitina is proof that as long as you love gymnastics, why stop?! We can't wait to see her compete at her final Olympic Games.

Gymnastics Schedule for the Olympic Games (UK Times)

It's going to be a tiring week and a half for gym fans! 

We believe there will be coverage on BBC One and BBC Two, a second Live Stream on BBC iPlayer, as well as content on the BBC Red Button and the BBC Sport website and app.

Saturday 24th July

2:00am - Mens Qualification Subdivision 1

4:30am - Men's Qualification Subdivision 2

11:30am - Men's Qualification Subdivision 3

Sunday 25th July

2:00am - Womens Qualification Subdivision 1

3:55am - Womens Qualification Subdivision 2

7:10am - Womens Qualification Subdivision 3

11:05am - Womens Qualification Subdivision 4

12:20pm - Womens Qualification Subdivision 5

Monday 26th July

11:00am - Men's Team Final

Tuesday 27th July

11:45am - Women's Team Final

Wednesday 28th July

11:15am - Men's all Around Final

Thursday 29th July

11:50am Women's All Around Final

Sunday 1st August

9:00am - Men's Floor Exercise Final

9:55am - Women's Vault Final

10:44am - Men's Pommel Horse Final

11:27am - Women's Uneven Bars Final

Monday 2nd August

9:00am - Men's Rings Final

10:00am - Women's Floor Exercise Final

10:54am - Men's Vault Final

Tuesday 3rd August

9:00am - Men's Parallel Bars Final

9:48am - Women's Balance Beam Final

10:37am - Men's Horizontal Bar Final

Who are you excited to watch?

Let us know in the comments below!

We do not own the photo used in this blog and all credit goes to www.sportgymrus.ru.


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